Régis Goddyn
Le sang des 7 Rois - livre V
Le Sang des 7 Rois

The Blood of the Seven Kings - Book 5

In the world of the seven kingdoms, well-known folk legends tell of seven blue-blooded kings who conquered the world...

Book 5 is about travelling, separation, and reunion. After endless toing and froing, the intensity of the action gradually changes. This marks the beginning of the new dynamics that prevail in the last two volumes of the saga.

Orville is adrift with Aldemond in the outer ocean called the ocean of no return, not without reason. They drift further and further towards the outer reaches of the world and discover the strange and desolate continent of Wood.

Up in the north, Sylvan has an appointment with his past. Bringing along his charges, Lise and Aymery, he steers between icebergs and rocks, then sets forth to fight the ambassador-captains who have deported the population of the sixth kingdom. At the dawn of a battle already lost, he not only finds the love of his life but also perhaps his reason for being.

Book 5 is also about suffering and death. After a battle the formerly prosperous seven kingdoms gain a new stability built on a devastated world. The Bolt, still active although considerably diminished, only survives in meagre pockets of resistance and in the aimless wanderings of its members. On the side-lines, Delwynn is becoming daily more dangerous, and Rosa goes deeper into the desert looking for Sébélia, the legendary magus.

Jahrod, one of the pilots terrorising Lothar, manages to repair a small spaceship, moves through time and achieves the impossible. In this way a lot of clues to the plot are revealed. The story splits, heralding new suspense with a merciless combat between classic fantasy and science fiction.

Didier Graffet
Le Sang des 7 Rois
November 19, 2020
9 €
14,5 x 20 cm
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