Régis Goddyn
Le sang des 7 Rois - livre VI
Le Sang des 7 Rois

Still not really aware of the major challenges endangering their world, the leading characters of the previous volumes follow their own paths...

Orville, having met the magi Rosa and Delwynn at the end of the fifth book, now at least understands what it means to live with people of his own kind... But this relationship is upset by the ghosts of Lulius Never, who is tormenting young Delwynn, and of Sébélia, whose shadowy presence looms over the haunted valley. Yet through contact with the two missing magi, Orville gradually understands that he is the ill-­‐fated king’s direct heir and that some of his character traits arise from this very fact.

Up in the north Sylvan continues in his fight to conquer a weakened fifth kingdom.
Famine is widespread and the world is faced with ruin, an ominous symbol of the collapse of Lothar’s political system based on the very short term.

Aldemond and Aléïde are endeavouring to reach the Goulet archipelago ... while Maddox, an industrialist from another world technologically eighteen hundred years ahead, starts to orbit the planet in preparation for an invasion. This endlessly expensive voyage has but one goal: if he can recover Jahrod’s release code in order to gain access to immortality and create an army of pilots with super powers, Maddox will be able to dominate the inhabited world.

Jahrod has just managed to obtain the energy necessary to start up an ancient laboratory. Will he be strong enough to crush Maddox?

In this penultimate book of the series, the « medieval » story of the blue blood and its origins is more in the domain of science fiction. In Book 5, the story of the mysterious pilots, whose authority seemed to supersede that of the existing dictator Lothar, gradually became more well-­‐defined with the development of the character of Jahrod and his stunning arsenal of technology. And against a backdrop of present combats and those to come, we learn a little more about the Draks, a tribe who inhabited the planet at its very beginnings.

Didier Graffet
Le Sang des 7 Rois
January 28, 2021
9 €
10,8 x 17,8 cm

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