Régis Goddyn
Le Sang des 7 Rois – Prélude I
Le Sang des 7 Rois

The Blood of The Seven Kings: Prelude

“Sitting on a low branch, Anna, Emma and Grondhal listened as Gavryël instructed them on useful things, all necessary conditions for the smooth running of Drake society. Weary, Emma took advantage of an instant when Gavyël was catching his breath to interrupt him.

— Tell us the story of the last Draks!

Surprised by the youth’s lack of interest in essential values, he sighed, frowned and searched his memory, then sat down sadly.

— As you already know, while this story isn’t limited to Oldarik, it is still intimately linked to his existence–he who tragically passed away while still a Drak of a few thousand years.

Gavryël wiped away a tear, then lifted his head, looked at his pupils and began to narrate the story.”

The Prélude relates the genesis of The Blood of the Seven Kings.

For they are an endangered race, the An-Kis travel from planet to planet in search of a species to cross-breed with. Upon settling on the planet of The Blood of the Seven Kings, where the Draks live, they spread a disease fatal to their species: the youngest, mostly females, die one after the other. As reproduction becomes impossible for the Draks, they too are brought to extinction.

This leads the An-Kis to leave the planet, taking along two Drak specimens in the hope of rebuilding their civilisation. They decide to go to Earth, home to a primitive species that shares common genetic characteristics with the Draks.

Oldarika, the female specimen who survived the epidemic, has been infected with a genetic code, becoming a 'pilot' with extraordinary abilities. The cross-breeding between Oldarika and the Earthlings gives rise to blue-blooded humanity, a term that refers to beings born with both the abilities of the Draks and those conferred by the 'pilot' code…



“With the Prélude, Régis Goddyn starts giving us keys to better understand his intricate and meticulous universe. Whether you enjoyed reading the seven volumes of The Blood of the Seven Kingdoms or are discovering this cycle with the prequel, it does not matter in the end: the pleasure of reading Régis Goddyn’s prose remains the same.”

Fantasy à la carte

Yann Tisseron
Le Sang des 7 Rois
April 15, 2021
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