Kenan Görgün
Oublie que je t'ai tuée

Kenan Görgün, Oublie que je t’ai tuée (Forget I Ever Killed You)

— You think I don't love you because I don't say it?
— Well... Say it, Stan. I want to hear you say "I love you".
­— I love you, Susannah.
— Do you really?
— Oh, because it has to be true? (I didn't say that; I just made it up, or maybe I thought it then).

New York, Valentine’s Day. Stan is preparing a candlelit dinner for his wife, Susannah, and puts everything into it. It could have been the perfect romantic evening… if he had not been planning to kill her.
The plan goes off without a hitch, until Susannah wakes up from her coma. Then, things get complicated.

Forget I Ever Killed You is a dark comedy about a man who suffers from an inferiority complex. A “thrillove story” that raises the question of male domination in our society.

Finalist: European Crime Fiction Prize 2024


“How to tell the extravagance of this ruthless narrative?
Stanley is a writer who does not really write. He feels like a failure compared to his wife, who succeeds in everything she does.
Then he falls in love and starts leading a double life. His marriage has become even more of a problem than it already was, so he will try to solve it in the worst possible way, with the worst possible accomplices.
His cowardice, lies and amateurism in carrying out a crime will do the rest, making for a story that is as endearing as it is hilarious.”
Le Point

Dorian Danielsen
March 21, 2024
Grand format
19,90 €
14 x 19,8 cm

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